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Text message delivery of still photos and GIF images for sharing on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter.

Standard Package

$ 500 3 Hours
  • Personalized Gallery
  • All digital content available for download
  • USB flash drive of gallery files
  • Unlimited laughs
  • Logo Option $ 50
  • Props $35
  • Additional Hours $ 100 each


How is GIF Time Booth different than other booths?

Due to GIF Time’s sleek, open design, it doesn’t need to be enclosed & put out of the way from your event. It becomes THE  entertainment allowing your guests to interact with each other & share in the fun!

How are the images delivered?

Unlike traditional booths that rely on printing images that typically get misplaced throughout the course of your event our images & GIF’s are delivered instantly via text over the venue’s wi-fi network.

Does it print?

No and that’s ok. Printing makes the photo booth experience too solitary. Receiving your images instantly via txt allows for instant sharing & instant laughs!

Will there by an attendant?

Yes, there will be a knowledgeable attendant to set up the booth & show your guests the ropes! 

How much space is needed?

The sleek design of our booth allows for minimal space. If you choose to have props allow for more space to have a 4-6 ft table.

Do I need a backdrop?

Our booth is made to face outwards so that your event IS the backdrop!

Can I add more hours after I book?

Of course! Let us know how much more time is needed & we will charge an hourly rate!

How do my guests view all images after the event?

They can view all of the GIF’s & images from your event at the gallery link they are  provided in the initial text message.

Can we download all the images after the event?

We can send you a link to receive all of the GIF’s & images in a bulk download or we can provide a flash drive of the whole gallery!

Can I have both GIF & still images for my event?

YES! That is what sets us apart! You don’t have to choose…you get both still images and GIF images that way your guests can show their serious & silly sides!

How long does it take to setup?

Set up is simple & we like to allow for only 30 minutes…the rest of the time is all yours!

How do I book GIF TIME BOOTH?

Contact us via e-mail or phone call to check our availability for your event date. Sign our contract and pay a deposit to reserve your date.

Some happy clients

Our guests loved the photo booth because it was something fun, and unique. They got to see, share, and laugh at the photos instantly. We loved it because they enjoyed it and it was a cost effective way to incorporate a photo booth into our wedding.
Lindsay Dilger
The Vineyard at Riverbend Chapel
It is nothing like you have ever experienced! It will blow all other traditional photo booths out of the water! Every single person loved it and we will have them back every single year!
Waypoint Student Ministry
The City Museum
I would absolutely recommend it. It has everything a traditional photo booth offer but also much more. Having a short video/boomerang captures a fun moment and excitement of the event better than a picture.

Molly & Adam
Heart of St. Charles Ballrooms
The option to SHARE the GIF’s INSTANTLY was absolutely great! It was shared on IG, FB, Snapchat, SMS Text all while the party was still going on & weeks after. It helped the wedding go viral! Quality professional fun imagesMy guests had so much fun with this booth. It was more than a booth~ It was an experience. Brides, this is worth the upgrade!
Gene & Yolanda
The United States Custom House & Post Office
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